Christmas? Who can afford Christmas?

Long story long - got into this about 5 months ago. Everyone said “just one at a time”. Bought a house in an ok 'hood for $15K. Then bought a huge block built 7bdrm for $50K - a price I thought I couldn’t afford to pass up.
First house: entirely gutted it - all the plaster off. All the chestnut trim (three pocket doors, 10 interior doors, a huge exterior door with beveled glass, 14 panels up stairway, about 20 spindles, 2 half columns) needs to be stripped (at about 1/3 done I’ve decided to remove the chanelled trim & take it to a “strip joint”). Two new bathrooms, new kitchen, new garage roof, new furnace & hwh, and putting in a huge bedroom in the attic. About $15k in repairs so far, with another $5k to go.
Second house, not even started, and $505/month in utilities!
On top of it all, the landlord at my office (also an attorney, who has about 130 units) is cash short and just borrowed $10k (for a week, right?)

Just needed to vent. I am confident I’ll make a pile of money from these two places, but I’m at the point when it seems like I’m in a little deeper than I thought I’d be.

Hope you all enjoy your holidays.

  • Kelly

dont feel bad i bought 4 houses in two year and i have 6 kids you start out in the hole but it will be ok once you get to even, money will start to flow in

you’re not alone!!

have a good one.


Go Kelly!

In six months you will be BRAGGING about your double rehab. If this business was too easy EVERYONE might be an investor we sure don’t want that. Sound like all you are really dealing with is a cash crunch and some stress. I suggest a presidente margerita at Chili’s.
Everything else will find it’s mark.

I’m rooting for you.

Hang in there Kid!

I do have to say, The cash crunch at this time of year does make the heart sick. Stick to you guns and keep doing with your doing and it will pay off, and you’ll be super happy for spring\summer.