Choosng Property Management?

Hi, I am thinking of hiring a property management team to manage my current and future properties. I current live out of state from my three properties(SFH) and I have a guy who is trying to manage the properties, but is not doing it so well. In fact, one of my homes remained vacant for the past 2 months (and I know that most was because of the end of the year holiday season), however, I am concern that he is over his head. I’m searching for a a manager, or a management team in Tennessee. What type of services and rates should I expect to pay? One company told me that they would charge me 10% fo the monthly rent and to perform all the services to get in a qualified tenant it would cost 35% of the first month’s rent once they get a tanant in the home. (one time fee)Plus they have several other good services where as for me who live in California (until I relocate back to TN) gives me some sort of piece of mind. Let me know if this is a good, and competitive rate, or if I could get a lower rate? Also what type of services and fees and other rates should I look out for?

Thanks in advance for your response,