Choosing a business bank account

Trying to get my business setup and curious which banks you think are the best for a business checking account.

I think that the big banks are probably pretty comprable to one another.

I got mine setup w. Bank of america. they give me like 50 bucks because I said that I was referred by another Bofa member(buddy of mine)…and they gave my buddy 50 as well.

Also, B of A does not make you carry a min. balance for the first two years.


Checking accounts are all pretty much the same. I would look for lower fees and no minimum requirements. I prefer local banks where you can develop a relationship with real people. Once you become a full-time RE investor and need stated or no doc loans, money will flow much easier than the big bank that requires all the layers or approval.

If you’re going to use Quicken for QuickBooks for your accounting and want to make things simpler by taking advantage of their online banking tools, I’d check to make sure the bank supports Intuit’s online banking features. Some banks do this, some banks don’t (or at least don’t do it well).

Thanks guys, I appreciate your replies on this. I got the account setup…

Now on to the wonderful world of bookkeeping! :smiley:


A little off topic. Do you prefer quicken for guys just starting out who then move to Quickbooks when they get bigger or do you recommend starting with Quickbooks?