Choices in Bandit Sign Sizes and Stakes. Opinions?

Hey all.

I was wondering what size people use in bandit signs. I have a choice between 12x18 and 18x24. Cost is the same due to minimum order, but I can get twice as man small ones. They will also fit in my two door car better.

I Think I will be using wooden stakes. From wha I have seen glancing at ones on metal sakes they do not seem too sturdy in terms of bending. Looks like one boot-into-crossbar to get it into the ground bends it.

Are wooden stakes hard to drive in the ground or get out?

My main question is on visibility. Does anyone think that 12x18 is just too small to use on anything but a small intersection?

Thanks all for any help and opinions.


I agree wooden stakes are better, the wire stakes go down easily in any kind of wind. As far as size, I think bigger is better unless you plan to post on telephone poles.

18x24…bigger is better!! Message and phone # is bigger and easier to read from a distance.

yes bigger is better. the small ones are hard to read. i prefer the wooden stakes too. why would you want to take them out though? the friendly “sign police” are happy to do that for you.