Chicago Real Estate

There is a strong possiblity that my husband’s job may be relocated to Chicago. What is real estate like in the Chicago area? Thanks!

It’s a Blue State…it’s expensive - especially in the greater metro area.


I am from Chicago. Lived here most of my life.

Chicago is a huge melting pot of people and real estate. In the same city you can see cheap houses, up to multi-millionaire dollar condos.

It is all relative though, investing here takes a little more, but we make more, so again it is all relative. Nice and easy.

When would this job transfer occur?

Feel free to contact me about any other questions Chicago related.

I’m being relocated out of Chicago (Naperville actually) and headed to Fayetteville, Arkansas. We’re in a great area here, voted among the best places in the country to raise a family and RE values have gone up nicely over the past 6 years or so. Good luck finding a place. North of Chicago—very, very pricey and more established communities. Northwest of Chicago—very pricey with a good mix of established areas and newer construction. West of Chicago—this is where we’re at. It can be pricey, but there’s lots of growth going out further West. Eventually it will be a solid suburb from Chicago to Rockford in the next 25 years or so. Southwest of Chicago—also a growing area down towards Joliet and Frankfort. It can be pricey but there are deals to be had. South of Chicago—sadly to say this is where I grew up and there isn’t a lot happening economically so I get really, really depressed when I go back and see what’s happened. There are some beautiful homes and areas (Homewood and Flossmoor are where I grew up) and there are some amazing homes in that area. But just outside of a couple pockets it can be pretty rough. Again, good luck on your move.