Chicago Flippers

Im just entering the business of flipping and I’m really excited. I was wondering if anyone knows the secret on finding motivated BUYERS?!?!

I really do, but if I told you it wouldnt be a secret.

Eric Medemar

Haha. Classic

Search this forum great information here.

Also Check out

Okay, i proved how very funny i am.

I do have a post on here somewhere called finding buyers lesson 1, that is fairly informative.

I found it heres the link,22874.0.html

Thank You, after you made me laugh you provided me with great information…2 for 1

Eric post focuses on finding investors to buy wholesale deals. But are you selling to investors or to end retail buyers.

Also, if you are from Chicago you have heard of HB 4050 and that it was suspended in January, well a new revision is due soon that might make all of Cook County a horrible place to get a loan. The article appeared today in the Chicago Tribune:,0,7799647.story?coll=chi-bizfront-hed