Chemical Attack!

Just when I thought I’d seen everything, these renters surprised me once again. Last night, I received a call from one of my tenants. She said that someone had sprayed a chemical into the apartment building and that everyone was choking. I told her to get out and call the police department and fire department.

As it turns out, apparently a disgruntled tenant that had just been booted and had her Section 8 terminated, sprayed the entire contents of a chemical type fire extinguisher into the building. It spread a fine dust throughout the common areas of the entire building and apparently even affected people in their apartments. Fortunately, no one was injured.

NOW I’ve heard everything!!! (On second thought, maybe not)


Has the fireman-wannabe been placed in a rent-free facility…???


That is not rent-free. I believe that would be a Section 9 facility. It is still tax-payer subsidized. :frowning:

Just when you think you have heard it all…

Mike, you get all the winners… ???