Checking for liens and UCC filings

Hoping someone can help with this-we’re new here. Looking at a commercial property in pre-foreclosure. Part of a larger estate that a company has come in to liquidate all holdings. We were told by the broker that 320k should buy the place with all equipment included. Got preapproval letter from bank (who currently holds second mtg.), broker sends purchase agreement to liquidators, they countered at 390k stating there are outstanding liens that the current owner personally guaranteed, and this somehow is attached to the equipment in said building. The lending bank is suggesting just waiting for sheriff’s sale. I have spoken directly with current owner, but she is not in a very good state of mind-she’s convinced the place is worth twice as much. I have been to the recorder’s office and cannot find record of any UCC filings directly attached to this building. They claim they will bring record of these liens at closing, but we are not willing to go any higher that 350k (we have not countered with this yet). My question is this; can we require disclosure of these phantom liens prior to closing, or is there some other way to legally get this information? Also, if these are just personal debts of current owner, can they in any way be attached to the property without a UCC filing???Not much is adding up for us right now…any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thx, Jamie