check processing companys?

i am in florida i’m looking for good company that ecepts your tenants checks and mails them to your lender puts the remainder in your account? can anyone reccomend a good company?
thanks shaamrock

It’s an escrow agent and they charge a fee. Attorneys will do it also. A property manager will do it, too. Do you have a lot of properties? Are you out of the area? What if your tenant doesn’t pay? I m just curious. Hey, for what escrow agents charge, I will do it for you.

no i’m looking for a company that excepts rent checks mails them to the lender and put the exvess in my account - their fees.


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Are you looking for what is called a “Loan Servicing Company”, that collects your tenants payments, pays the mortgage company and then sends you the difference between the mortgage payment and what you are charging the tenant.

It does not matter where one is located as people make payments to all different places, but this company does and excellent job. They are online so you can check your account at any time.

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