Check out this old Mansion I got on contract for 10K

Check out this old Mansion I got on contract for $10,000

The problem is, it’s in friking Arkansas.

Now I’ll just start marketing it for $17,500 more or less. Zillow says the after repair value is $70,000

If I can’t sell it, it’s no problem, there is no risk, I can walk away.

But what if I cud sell it?

Wudnt that be a kick in the ass to make thousands from a junk house 2,000 miles away?

Technology baby, I luv it.

I put ads on Craig’s List in other states that I buy Houses. I negotiate with seller and make my offer thru email, I email him the purchase contract by email. I run ads to sell it by email. I send my buyer the contract by email and start escrow with an email and phone call.

The funds are deposited into my back account by wire transfer.

What kind of crazy s–t is this?

I’m reading a new book called “Virtual Real Estate Wholesaling”

I cud use some help placing ads and raking in the dough, anybody want to make some money?

I did a few deals in other states a few years ago, it was profitable but I started concentrating in my area, time to kick start this into gear.


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