Cheapest way to redo stairs


What is the cheapest, yet good way, you have redone stairs in a low income rental?

I have replaced all the worn carpet in a two story low income home with vinyl tiles, which looks great to someone in the ghetto, but these don’t work on stairs. Removing the carpet from the stairs and painting the wood doesn’t work either, as they are hideous without some covering. Also I have tried spray painting stairs w/ the old carpet still on there (yep no kidding) but that doesn’t even fly with some ghetto tenants. Per a previous response from another guy, vinyl sounds like its not worth it (carpet would be easier than that).

Is there anything else you guys can think of, besides replacement (cheap) carpet??


I just make the staircases bare and occasionally restain it with a dark stain. Bare oak steps doesn’t wear down as quickly as I thought. I don’t like carpet or vinyl because I worry that if it comes loose and someone falls down the stairs that they can go after my insurance company for putting it on wrong. I did notice that they sell an “L” shaped wood staircase cover at Home Depot that nails on top of the old staircase steps to make it look like new, but that looks a little pricey for this kind of rental. Maybe a small time carpenter can make these wood covers for less. If you’re handy, maybe you could rent a planer or something and do it yourself and buy moulding for the edges.


 You asked about vinyl before, but I was just thinking about this and I have seen some stairs covered with spray material that is much like the tough bed material sprayed in a pickup bed.

I just can’t remember where I saw it and what state I was in.

You might do a little exploring to see if there is material that is like this? I have no idea if the one I saw was done custom or if there are companies out there with equipment to do this.


Use this…

You can completely encapsulate the staircase with this and it is permanent and safe…It also looks really neat and it is almost impossible to ruin. I have used it in public housing projects performed for HUD.

Look to buy it at your local flooring company…

Good Luck.

Thanks for the tips guys.

As Mike Rossi said a while back…

The ideal low income rental would consist of a cement room, with cement walls. Knowing him he would paint the floor though - LOL - “carpet in a can” is what that’s called, right? DAMN GOOD IDEA if you have wood floors.