Cheapest way to find out a mailing address


I found a house that I believe is abandoned. I found out who owns it according to the tax assessor. The owner is behind on taxes. I want to contact the owner(of course) but the assessors office has this abandoned property has the owners mailing address. There is no way anyone is living there, unless this person is passed out. What is the cheapest way to find out the mailing address of this person?

Also, does anyone have a sample letter to send to abandoned property owners :slight_smile:

Try this…


Talk to the neighbors and see what they know. Did they have kids in school. Will the school tell you what city they moved to. Talk to the mail delivery person. See if the mail is being forwarded.



Thanks for advice. Another question…

The assessors office has that the property is behind on taxes and it’s listed under a certain name. Even when I do a check on the property it’s under this name. What is conveyance? Anyway, I just did another check and there was a quit claim in 1999 by this guy to a company. Does a quit claim still allow all debts to be under the sellers name and that is why he keeps coming up?