cheaper mailings?

hey guys,

for those of you who send mailers, you know it can be expensive sending out a letter at .41 a stamp.

i received a letter from a foxtons rep last week and i noticed there were a few .03 stamps on it. they did not add up to .41 (i can’t recall the exact number). anybody know they are getting a cheaper rate somehow or some method which i can decrease the amount i spend on each mailing?


Might be using bulk rate or presorted.

This link has more details:

Use postcards if you are mass mailing.

I’ve noticed on a couple of occasions that I received some letters with stamps not totaling to .41. The stamp value was normally .03 cents off, which I guess the post office didn’t care about. Granted, they probably care, but maybe the sender just got lucky in that it was overlooked?
Postcards really seem to be the way to go though…

These are bulk rates. You can call the local bulk mailing center in your city to get setup and get more information. The ones you are describing are called pre-cancelled stamps. Bulk rates are much cheaper than regular rate, but there are certain criterias that must be met.