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where can i get some cheap postage for cards or how do you quailfy do i have to send 1000 or more to get postage for .15 cents or how does it work?
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I use They print and mail my postcards for 27 cents a piece.

For postage that low… You’ll need a bulk postage permit.

Just like JMCALS0822 said, go to and check out the different rates, and what it takes to qualify for such a low rate.

There are also several marketing groups out the that do bulk mailing, like coupon packets, you can cover a target area pretty reasonably.

Good Luck!


If you print up the a mini (1/2 page) flyer yourself, most local newspapers have a program where they will stuff them in the newspaper for a flat-fee. Check out your local paper and tell them you want to have a flyer stuffed with their paper delivery and ask for a quote. They sometimes have a minimum amount to do, but you can print up flyers at any copy-shop for pennies and have them cut in half for a flat price.

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I use

They have many different design and also you can design your own cards.

I also use them to print my business cards. When you order once, you will get discount.

Like everybody said, shop around and check the rate is good idea.

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Look at this: