Cheap Customized Post It Notes online?

Anyone know of a site to make customized post it notes? I hear you can get them for 2 cents per sheet or so. The cheapest I’ve found is 14 cents per sheet since I’m not ordering in huge bulk (I’m only ordering 2k - 3k). Any help is appreciated, thanks.


Try these:

I was looking for some myself when I saw your post. HTH!

Has anyone tried using a large bright orange postit note, with your message, that looks like a “NOTICE” from the county ?

I was thinking about using those on a few vacants that I can’t located the owner for.

Hi Rich I seem to recall a site where the “NOTICES” were available already preprinted with a scripted message. Do you know where to get them?

No clue, I was thinking about having some printed up custom. I didn’t know such a company existed.

I would tread very carefully about making up anything that resembles something from the government, it can land you in hot water. Check with your lawyer first.

It’s a longshot if someone mistakes a post-it for a legal notice, but I agree it’s worth looking into. Be kind of silly to go down for post-it notes when there are even better ways to get yourself busted.

I don’t see a legal problem so long as you stay away from certain words. I wouldn’t say CONDEMNED or anything like that. I definitely don’t see any problem with something like a bright flourescent green tag that says NOTICE or something like that.

There are many laws concerning different circumstances that prohibit the distribution, posting or mailing of anything that can be mistaken as being from or in conjunction with a government agency. I would double check your state’s laws before spending money on soemthing that could get you in trouble.

I’m not an attorney, I just like to CMA…

There is a link to request a template toward the bottom of this page. If you email them they will send you a template with a preprinted script.

Cool idea. Put something catchy on it. Maybe like: “Do you know anyone who is selling around here? I will give you a $25 gift card just for calling me.”
Or " I need to get in touch with one of your neighbors, can you call me?"
Or " I buy stuff, do you have any you may be selling?"

I always try to think of ways to get them to call me. I have actually given out a gift card a few times. People love money.

I have theses stickers that look like torn out note pages(frayed edges and everything) that have printed handwritten message on them with my phone number and “i want to buy this house this week with cash…” I get a good response from them.

You probably want to stay away from the legal form approach. After all, you don’t want to scare the homeowners just so they can figure out that you are not involved with the state or anything ;).