Cheap Cabinet Doors

Doing a kitchen reno:
I’ve budgeted for an under sink cab, 4’ base cab, And paint the rest.
The existing paint on the doors is a bit peely, so I’m thinking I might just “splurge” on some new doors.

I will need about a dozen doors plus the two cabinets.
If I bought new, cheap nice looking ones, what would my ballpark figure be?

Does anybody know of a good source for cheap nice looking semi-custom sized doors?
The internet is saturated in this realm. Looking for a specific source.


Cheap Cabinet Doors in what state? 


I have bought cabinets at home depot before. They’re a great price, and they have anything from the cheapy ones on up to the nicer ones.

I have never bought cabinet doors from them, but I was told they sell them too - though they have to be ordered.

Look into They have really cheap cabinets that cost about as much as some doors. Ask the store guy if they are getting rid of display units and you can take them for half off!

If you have decent solid wood cabinet doors, I would just strip and sand and paint them. It would be cheaper than a brand new solid wood cabinet doors. Low-end MDF cabinets that you paint are about $8 square foot while solid wood cabinet doors start out around $10 square foot. When I was living in Portland, I got a Portland handyman to sand my cabinets and I stained them. The sanding is the toughest and longest part which is why I was happy to pay someone else to do it.

Seconds and Surplus if there’s one in your area. cheap cheap cabinets.

or try online.

Measure your existing cabinet doors and put that info into their website. They’ll ship them UPS right to your door. I’ve done entire kitchens using their doors. Great quality and prices and you can do a complete kitchen for $300!!!