Cheap Bandit Signs

Any experiences with “Bandit Signs”? I found a company that I used very cheap and the response from my signs was outstanding. This form of advertising is all I will use from this point. Any others? is pretty good. I looked at and there pricing is pretty good. I haven’t seen anything cheaper. What else do you need?

try they’re even cheaper than

I know it’s been a couple of weeks since this topic has been posted, but did you find a place to buy your bandit signs Tabman? I’m always interested in learning about new places and how people’s experience with them were… is about as cheap as I have found… they are not the standard coraplast signs though.

You can have them placed using if you are not into placing them yourself.

WOW is cheap. I save 15 bucks for each 100 I order,
Thats 30 bucks a month or 8 gallons of gas.

Thanks may be cheaper for the sign itself, but check out their shipping prices. They gouge you and even give a disclaimer:
UPS Ground $67.06
UPS 3 Day Select® $144.03
UPS 2nd Day Air® $201.03

These fees do not necessarily represent UPS published rates and may include handling charges levied by Disposable Bandit Signs.

Thanks, but I’ll pass.
Try for a much better value and reasonable shipping.

I’ve purchased some fairly cheap signs on ebay from a seller named signsandshirts_com . The price is good but delivery took about two weeks. (worth it for the price) Another type of sign that’s pretty cool is a mobile bandit sign. I got it at and love it!