chat room

Anyone have trouble getting the chat room? If there is a trick to it I would love some feedback.


i was and actually found out the problem was that i had a pop up blocker on and it made it not work…try that??

Hmmmm I turned off all of the pop up killers I still can’t get in.

I see → —> at the top left corner.
Any other sugestions?

I am having the same problem and can’t get in. Anyone know why? Thanks

same here…this sucks

I can’t get in either. Any luck for anyone else?

Aha! That explains it a lot. You don’t have Java installed.

If you want the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine, click here and install this.

If you want SUN’s Java Machine:

Click on DOWNLOAD NOW and install it, standard default configurations.

This should do the trick for ya. :smiley:

Thanks alot I will try right away.

I tried it, and that was the problem. Thanks much! :slight_smile:

I have been attempting to get in the chat room room for two weeks. When I first Signed up I got in. Now I have been unable to. I have loged in to Forums. Yet I still was not able to get in. Please assist me to get in faster.

I attempted all of the above and I was not able to join chat.

If your getting to the screen that looks like a chat room and still cant get in, then try typing something. It will deny you and it will tell you what you must type in order to get the right channel, it goes something like this “join#your_channel”. You might have to do it 2 or 3 times but that is what works for me. Good Luck!