Chat room question

Hello everyone,
I have a problem with the chat room… I can get into the room and see the whats going on but i cant reply or type anything to any one… I cant see where to type my message…please help… thanks

you type your response down at the bottom of the page

The problem is there isn’t anywhere for me to type. I just get the chat room screen, the names of who is in there and I can see the conversations gong on, but i cant reply. Would a firewall prevent me from typing??


firewall shouldn,t…I have one. The box is not marked well. It is at the bottom is gray.

Thank you Mdhaas
I got it …I have seen the Box.
Thanks again

When i click on the chat room all i get is _ _> _ _>

The search function works pretty well for the forums…;action=display;threadid=11421;start=msg52216#msg52216