Why don’t more people use the chat room??? :-\

I was wondering that myself…is it functional?

It does work, but I never see anyone logged on. Not much fun to just chat with yourself.


PS. I think I’ll start just loggin on to the chat room and go back to the forums until someone else joins.

Howdy All:

I have been there a few times. I have never chatted before. I am not very chatty but love to post. Maybe by lack of typing skills force me not to chat very much. Also it may need to say somewhere that you join and it is free. Now it lookd like some of those credit card offers or something where you have to join and pay $$

Just my $1.25 worth. I am a high roller now and get paid $1.25 instead of 2 cents.

The chat is totally free! I have chatted on there and met a few real nice people before. It’s great! I seriously think more people should do it.

i’ll go if you all go. maybe we can start a new trend.

the last trend i started was the “oceanspray”. thats the hair style wher the part in the front looks like the symbol on the oceanspray juice bottles. what do you guys think, am i on a roll or what.