Chase Short Sale Package

Does someone have a recent short sale package from Chase they’d be willing to share?



I hear they have been giving deep discounts and real easy to work with.

I do not have a short sale package to share but I’ve done several short sales
with Chase. Do you have specific questions?

They don’t have an actual short sale “package”

They require the following documents

Purchase Agreement
Listing Agreement, if applicable
HUD Statement
30 days Bank Statements (they may ask for 60 days)
30 days worth of paystubs
Hardship Letter
List of monthly expenses from the borrower.

That’s what they’ve asked of me and that I always send them.

The company that’s doing my short sale finally got what they needed from Chase.



Thank you very much for the information. Though I’ve been working on closing deals for more than 9 months, I still haven’t managed a deal and this gives me a lot of good info and hope.
Thanks again.