Charlotte North Carolina

I got a lead the other day that Charlotte, North Carolina, is a good place to buy investment property…“investors are secretly buying there.” I’m also looking at Raleigh, North Carolina, since the market and industry is coming back there. The prices are unbelievably low now compared to the market here in Vegas. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks Much.


Nice to meet you.

Yes, Charlotte NC is a good area to buy “bread and butter” properties, as my research shows.

Our RME team is buying up a lot of properties for our group of investors there.

They have done tons on Market Research to decide to buy there, so I suggest you to do some of your own and decide if its right for you.

For me it is a good area and many others I work with they agree it is.

Happy Investing! :wink:

Hi Wallace,

Nice to meet you too. It looks likes Raleigh and Charlotte prices are about the same, but with regard to appreciation I’m trying to research and see which is better. I also was told by my contact that land is good to buy there because of the subdivisions that are planned for the area. Looks like I will continue with my plans to head east in a couple of weeks, shop around and find what I want to buy…I have a couple of places picked out. The Vegas market is dead for investors for the most part. Thanks again.