Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Has anyone ever marketed to people with a recent discharge of a chapter 7?
Just curious. I have a few new ideas I want to explore.
Thanks in advance

ive marketed towards all kinds of credit challenged buyers.

marketing in what way?

typically, by nature of a bk the only asset (and payment) one emerges from bk with is thier home and secured mortgage payment.

why would they then want to sell/give up that?

(please dont take my question negative, because I may be missing your point as to what you are marketing to them)

Does anyone know what happens to a property that was in a chapter 7 when the 7 is discharged?

I dont understand the last posters question fully.

If there is debt on the property (secured debt), in most instances the debt is still there. If the bk provided some sort of temporary stay of relief from collection efforts, the discharge (if not before) would re start the clock ticking on any sort of collection efforts, ie foreclosure.

Another potential answer, specifically related to non-homestead property is that during the bk, the property, and presumably any equity derived from its liquidation would be devided first onto the trustees fees, and then to creditors.

I guess my point is this. If a Chapter 7 is discharged and the home owner is no longer under the protection of the " stay" then the mortgage company would start foreclosing at that point. Do people market to homeowners that have just had a discharge because they know the bank will start proceedings? It seems to me that it would be a great niche.

You are correct that they are no longer protected, but (for the sake of argument) why would the homeowner still need to sell their home, if they succesfully eliminated other debt (usually the problem debt) from their responsibility, theorietically all they have left is a house payment.

I say this meaning that many times, statistically, a homeowner who files chapter 7 often does so as a means of protecting thier home.

Likewise, if they were to then sell their home, they would have negatively effected thier credit to seek a new home. (not that this means they are without options, there are mortgage programs for this)

After a stay, the homeowner in most locations can re-instate the loan by making up back payments and resuming scheduled payments.

I personally think there are better places to market too.