Changing Season

Newbie question here:

For those who live in Northern part of the country (I am from Michigan), we know there’s not much warm weather left. What’s the market like in late Fall and Winter season? I would think not alot of people want to do fixer-upper in the cold.

Any insights is appreciated.

That is true it will slow things down on the other hand I buy them year round I live in Colorado so it is not as bitter cold here as it is there. You will start to see some great deals out there as well here real soon.

And then what do you usually do? Buy and hold them?

yeah I buy and hold almost everything. I do flip some of them on the other hand I do not do any repairs myself it costs to much!

As far as flipping, I think the competition slows down in Fall/Winter because the beginning folks are busy with the holiday season and the new school year. For the seasoned investors, they flip or buy year-round. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like except if it’s rainy it slow down your build schedule.

Unfortunately, it’s more harsh here up north, you get ice and snow.

Yeah I spent a winter in Minnesota I love it here now!