Changing mortgage over

Hello folks, I need some solutions to a friends problem! My friend for whatever reason switched her mortgage over into her sister in laws name. My friend and her husband are getting a divorce and now the sister in law wants my friend to leave the property. My friend purchased the home in 04 and has been living there ever since. She has done numerous upgrades to the home over the years. What can she do?? And does she have a leg to stand on if she takes her sister in law to fight for what’s rightfully hers?


Unless your friend has a partnership agreement or is on "Title" your friend does not have a leg to stand on.

This title change happened 9 years ago and is now well grandfathered to the property.

Maybe next time she has a home she will move it into a trust if she does not want ownership known!

In this case, unfortunately pack your bags and go!


If you feel you’re paying too much interest on your mortgage it’s easy to think that switching to a deal with a better rate will save you lots of money, but things are never that simple.

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