Changes in the industry, NC

Roger J,

Thanks so much for your encouraging words of wisdom. Yes, I do have much, much to learn in the field. You strike me as having many leadership qualities ;D, as you’ve encouraged and embrassed my "fiery"and upbeat attitude toward life and a career in the real estate business. You’ve added constuctive critisism with positive insight and knowledge. You appear to have the temperment and professionalism to understand a new agent’s drive and ambition while offering a well-balanced ground of realism as found in your response to my post. I like your postive undertone ;D.

It seems you’ve worked with a lot of agents in your career. I possess a strong work-ethic which doesn’t mix so well with slackers, for lack of a better word. I’ve unintentionally intemidated others in the past due to my relentless drive, but by the same token, working with folks of the same character have produced some incredible results over the years. I thrive within a team of people who are not afraid of change, and those who are not afraid to express their thoughts and ideas openly to promote growth in a business. Those employees are the business, and this very thing could make or break a company’s success.

I’ve worked in the financial sector for many years and have been responsible for moving many “stone walls” in various areas that were barriers to a company’s success, and this I’m proud of :). I’ve also seen many talented people get snuffed out because of these barriers, or because concepts didn’t mesh with traditional thinking groups :-[.

I have worked with a manufacturing startup company and it was an incredible ride :D. I worked 24/7, created and built an administrative area, hired staff, while integrating its production area of business. We created a multimillion dollar company in under 2 years :D. This was the biggest and most gratifying career experience of my life. It all started with someone like you, acknowledging my ambition as a positive force and seeing the potential. The owners were my mentors as we mirrored each other in character and work-ethic, and we worked together like a well-oiled wheel ;D. That’s success on many levels.

Thanks for stopping by and any advice you can offer is very much appreciated :). I like the way you think.

You forgot to include “blue sky thinking”, “at the end of the day”, “insourcing”, “outsourcing” and “flexsourcing”. Other than that, you have posted a pretty strong list of business cliches.

My favorite is those stone walls which you moved in order to save the less able people from being snuffed out. Snuffed out? Were you working for Blackwater?