Open Challenge… to make an American Dream come True. Financing of 40 - 50 Million dollars… private disposal of Capital gains ( taxable cash-flow ) into a wise leverage to make a Deal of a Life-time. Helping This Economy and the idea keeping its promise that our Children will have room to live , work, and play… GREEN EARTH campaign for Solar, Wind, Bloom Boxes, and Sale-back of surplus Energy to the provider. Nation wide Challenge… and Foreign Money as well… nothing over 4% and not those letters that have hidden processing fees … ( waiver any and all out of cost expenses*, ) , … Commercial and residential Property in the State of California and Nationwide with return and repeat loans that are to include structuring, FLP, LLC, Land Trust and even disappearing on Paper… to live Off-shore and in Europe while Operating the business in The USA.
I am just like you. I am not L@@King for a Handout … just a Hand it is just my goals are a little larger than most that want to invest in real estate … I have to now think of the 55% tax that is coming in Janurary 2013… so you know where the property will be Treasured and Chested … ( at the foot of the Bed!)


Have you been smoking whacky weed again???