Certified letter not signed for what next

Need some advice. I sent my 30 Day notice to end my month-to-month lease with a tenant on 20 Jan for a termination of 1 March. I sent ywo copies one by regular mail and one by certified mail (PA requires two delivery methods). The certified I sent return receipt requested.

Do I still hvae the legal system behind me if they do not sign and I do not get the receit back? Should I still expect them to be out on 1 March as notified?


Here in WA, we also personally serve or post and mail the copy and then sign a declaration of service if we need to go to eviction. Check with your landlord tenant laws and get the specifics for where you are.

I’d go by the property, take a copy of the notice, and catch them at home and just talk to them and make sure they recieve it from your hand to theirs. Then, I’d sign a declaration of service if it was needed for court. But that’s WA state. You should check for your area.

Hope this helps.


Essentially a renter in pa can go on for months living in your residence without paying you and the only thing you can do is try to go through the courts. IT STINKS! Pa and new jersey are for the renter where ohio is for the owner of the property. I know of some people whose property wasnt vacated for 6 months. Do not expect them to be out if they are going to play hardball. Where is the property? I live outside of valley forge. Just because you sent them the letter doesnt mean a thing. Have you gone to the courthouse and filed with the sheriff? If not do it asap.

The only thing I ahve done so far is to serve them with their 30 Days notice that I am not renewing their lease and that they are to be out on the 1 of March.

I am not evicting yet. It is my understanding that eviction can only start if they are not gone on the 1st of March.

My basic question was that since they have not signed the certified return receipt requested letter that contained one of the 30 day notices can I still consider it as they received it? I also put the letter on the door and mailed it throught regular mail. If they are not out on 1 March and I begin eviction, my question is do I have enough proof that I sent the 30 days notice (with out the receipt)? I feel that they are going to try and say they never got a 30 day notice.


they will always deny receiving it. i would place the letter on their door or have someone serve them papers. Did you try contacting them on the phone? did you go to the house and try to work things out?

I ahve been there and spoke with them. There is no working it out. I inherited them with the building and they are just a problem. I am new and am cleaning house of the dead weight.

Their apartment is roach infested, some of the ceiling are falling down, there is a constant water leak in their bathroom somewhere, the walls ahve holes, all the door are falling off their hinges, half of the windows a cracked and leak a tremendous amount of air, they are continually late on their rent.

As i said I am CLEANING HOUSE so I can clean house!


so their one of those inhabitants. Good luck on that one. I would give them a call, send a letter, then go to the house and take pictures with them there. From the house go to the courthouse and start to process due to them destroying your house. I dont know if tyhis is grounds or not but know of a few people that have done this. Im not sure if it works but it couldnt hurt. I wouldnt give them anymore time start everything now because the problem will only get worse and whgo knows what they will do to the house in the meantime since they know they are getting evicted.

The fact that you personally spoke to them and I assume handed them written notice should be sufficent for terminating a lease. I would make noted of the date and time that event took place. You also might note some other things about the event such if the tenant was wearing odd clothes, unusally weather or other unique details so when you tell the judge about it their denial looks pretty weak.

Sounds like these people are going to fight you so get prepared.

I heard this one last week. Make 500 copies of the letter and place it all over the outside of the house on street signs around the house and in the yard. When the tenant goes to court he will complain about all those notices putting his business in the street thus proving he saw the notices.

In the state of Texas you can post it to the door and take a picture of it on the door and the judge has taken it as proof that they got it.

LOL that is awesome! I would love ot see that