Certifications for Property Management

I’m wondering “do you have to be a licensed real estate agent to own/operate a property management company in VA?” Or do you just need an agent working for the company?

How does a management company go about getting “equal housing opportunity” status? I looked on HUD, but couldn’t find classes that needed to be taken.

Do you need to have any other certifications to open a property management company to the public? i.e.; NARPM.org

Thank you in advance

Well I have done more research, but still havent found the answers to the above questions. I will share what I found. www.irem.org great company that is widely recognized, they have CPM certified property management certification, some requirements are 4year college degree, 3years experiance in certain areas, course work and in some states real estate licence.

I did find out you need tobe a licneced agent in VA to receive high certifications, ie; CPM or ARM