Ceramic/porcelain tile that looks like Hardwood

There is some very cool new ceramic tile available that looks just like hardwood! It is amazing, and it comes in wood plank-sized pieces. You can have a new oak floor with the easy maintenance of tile.

I haven’t seen this yet in any big box store like Lowes or Home Depot. Google “Tile that looks like wood”.

I found a remnant lot at a high-end floor company and put it into 2 bathrooms.

Now I need advice–can I use this stuff for a kitchen counter? Can anyone tell me the difference between porcelain and ceramic? Any words of warning?


we have a neighbor that has this stuff. it looks really really good!

re: tile. Porcelain is ceramic, but it’s made with a finer refined clay that gives it superior moisture resistance and strength, making it better suited to floors and outdoor use.

I would think that either would work for a countertop application as long as you get a scratch resistant variety.

personally I like my countertops to be FLAT; so I don’t like tile of any type on countertops. But that’s me.

I’m not a fan of tile for countertops. It looks nice for a while but the grout discolors and collects “goo” no matter how hard you clean it.

What happens if it chips?