cement or blacktop?

What’s cheaper? Better? Easier? I have a driveway that I need to contract out for a rental of mine. Any suggestions?


Blacktop won’t show stains from tenant’s cars as much as concrete, and it’s not your feet burning on asphalt mid summer when grabbign something out of the car.

Blacktop is cheaper, Concrete is more durable and of value. Take a look at any higher end homes and see what they have ( at least locally here ) Concrete and now stamped concrete.

If the driveway isn’t too big I would go with concrete
It does cost more but a well built concrete drive will last longer
with less of the “M” word. Maintenance
Blacktop gets hot and soft. Also if your tenant spills gas or
has an oil leak you’ve got to consider that “M” word again
with repeated patching and sealing.
To dress up the concrete you can have it stamped and/or colored as mentioned previously.

In my area asphalt is 1/2 price as concrete. Go with stamped or colored concrete then it is 1/3 the price.
Asphalt May not look as nice new or last quite as long. But with rentals expect tenants with oil leaks. Is there anything that looks worse then a big black oil spot on white concrete? Also good luck getting it all out once it soaks into the pours.

Asphalt every few years you can clean it, reseal and make it look as good as new. Resealing only looks good for about a year` no matter what you use but that is long enough to make it look good to get a new tenant or sell.

My thought would be gravel at $20-30 a ton plus delivery!


Good idea NDI…however to bring it up to city code due to the sale of the property it needs to be blacktopped or cemented.


There goes the Gov again. You can tell I am a tightwade!LOL


I’m right with you on being cheap when I need to. I thought we all did that when need be :slight_smile:

Something else to think about… Blacktop will melt snow MUCH quicker than concrete. Ice LOVES concrete. If you worry about liability with your property go with the blacktop. Once the sun hits it half the work is done for you.