Cell phone under LLC to establish business credit?????

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I need a clear answer to this question, I have read many posts and posted a few. I was wondering how can I place my cell phone under my LLC, and how can that build my business credit?

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Well my friend, you need to go to www.cashflowexpert.biz to find out David Kish’s secret.

“The biggest secret in the SYSTEM is that you need to set up a business name to get easy access to these unsecured new business lines of credit. When you follow my simple 4 step system and get a business name on paper - you will have an easy time getting the money. Lenders like to lend money to a business. They feel more secure when you are using the funds to do business activities that make money.”

It is not difficult. What you need to do is to set up an LLC, Limited Liability Company with a tax id number and creaditors will mail you business lines of credit through your LLC. The nice thing about this is that it does not affect your personal credit, but they do look at the main person who established the LLC’s credit to qualify for the amount of credit. You can set up as many LLC’s as you like with different biz. partners and receive any number of lines of credit!

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[/Well my friend, you need to go to www.cashflowexpert.biz to find out David Kish's secret.
Actually you mean Tom Kish, David hult is his partner steve