Cat Smell

Anybody have any tips for removing cat smell? The tenants I just evicted were taking in strays and not caring for them at all. Cat feces everywhere and the smell is horrific. The carpet and pad is out and smell is getting better. I plan on using kilz on the floors, ceiling, and walls but if anybody has any other tips I’d love to hear them.



The only final solution is to burn the place down (LOL). Cleaning and the uses of Kilz to seal everything will go a long way. If the surface under the carpets was more porous material (i.e., hardwood floors, underlayment, etc.) there could be a long-lingering smell that may be very difficult to resolve.

Tenants are such idiots sometimes. I’m going to guess that there was a ‘no-pet’ clause in the lease…?


Get an enzymatic cleaner especially for cats. Do this before you put anything else on. Something like Nature’s Miracle.
It works great!
Our cat peed on the sofa :banghead :banghead - and I was able to get the smell out using this.

I’ve used those enzyme cleaners once for a carpet that had a cat problem. It worked great. It seems that a serious permanent odor could take alot of the fun out of an investment. Is there any way to put down a moisture barrier before the carpet is installed?

Think old school - baking soda and borax. right in the laundry aisle.

get a black lightbulb so you can see where the urine is. spritz with water… add the baking soda and borax 1-2 punch. let it sit. cover it with newspaper.

repeat till gone. .

about $2.99 fix.

My carpet guy is a genius. I don’t exaggerate. He comes in and can name all of the chemicals in an arsenal of cleaning products that he uses. I recently had a cat odor problem. The enzyme cleaners break down the chemicals in cat urine, but the area in question needs to be wet with these cleaners for 24 hours. Odor X and Nature’s Miracle are two examples. There is a company called Pro’s Choice that has a product called OSR. This is different than the enzyme cleaners in in several ways, including that the dwell time is only about 30 minutes. The website also has instructions about how to remove odors. These guys also have odor barrier products. If you found a professional carpet cleaner who knows how to use these products, I’m fairly certain that you could completely remove the odor.

Under the carpet is hardwood floors and in two corners of one room the tack strip and trim is still soaked w/ cat urine. At least I believe it’s cat urine, the way these people were living it wouldn’t surprise me to find it out it’s there urine. Completely disgusting but on the good side my tolerance for these sort of jobs is growing rather quickly. Well come to think of it I’m not sure if that’s a good thing.

Thanks for all the responses I really appreciate it. I’m going to try a couple of different things this w/e and see what works the best. I’ll keep you posted.