Cast Iron Tub

My newest duplex has a cast iron bath tub in the upper unit and was wondering what your guys thoughts are on these. Should I keep or just replace with a tub shower? It’s in good shape I’m just worried about the possibility of a tenant making a mess.

You can purchase kits that transform them into a shower. i did that to the one in my century home.

What kind of mess are you talking about?
As long as it is in good to fair condition and structurally sound I would not worry about it.
Unless you have an issue with the decor of the bathroom and the tub does not match what you are trying to do.


Cast Iron, Fiberglass, Plastic, … a tub is a tub.If it looks good and its not broke dont play with it.Like Phill said.What kind of mess are you speaking of?

I have had alot of success using the shower kits with these tubs, just be sure to secure the curtain and rod to something very solid in the cieling, tenants and there kids love to pull on these.

If you do decide to take it out and space is an issue you can break them up with a sledge hammer. I have had to do this countless times

Thanks for the replies. The mess I was referring to was the potenially greater risk of water damage from the curtain and no tub surround.

Where do I find the tub kits? I didn’t see any at HD except for some high end custom order stuff.

Thanks again,