cashing out

i have roughly 6,000 in ccd. And a installment loan 0f 5,000 and struggling to get debt gone I would hate to cash out but if i Have to i will, is there any other suggestions or should i keep transfering to no interest cards and pay down slowly, also my job is unstable construcion worker, thats what really sucks… :cry:

how much equity do you have in your home?? how is your credit???know the score?? how much do you owe on your home now???what is the interest rate and mortgage product you have now???do you have regular monthly income or do you work a few months at a time?? have you been employed in same field or with same employer for 2yrs?

these questions will help people better understand your position…

I’ve been in the field 5yrs, 700 credit score , appraises @ 85,000 to 90,000, mtg is 56,000.

I’m guessing that you’re going to pay a higher rate on the mortgage after taxes, and for a much longer term than you are going to earn in that CD. From a pure dollar standpoint, you’re better off using the CD. However, if you are paying zero interest on the debt, then keeping the CD and paying it down slowly makes sense (it at least earns something). It’s not costing you anything.

Do you have other savings available in case of emergency?
Are you contributing to a retirement plan of some type?
Are the monthly payments a burden to you? Can you pay extra each month?
Is the debt keeping you awake at night?

Pease of mind is always a good investment, but I’d hate to see you make a decision when other aspects of your personal financial plan might need more immediate attention.

Construction work? Are you in Dallas and do you do trim carpentry?