cashing out on property equity


I was wondering if anyone knew of any investors who cash out on property equity? A deal came to me by a gentleman who has a property that was recently appraised and can be verified for $12 Billion dollars, and wants to cash out the equity and is only asking for $700 Million. Now I work with some investors but none do that big of a loan and the property is nevada. Does anyone have any helpful hints on how I could go about finding an investor who could fund that?? Please send me a message if anyone can be of any help thank you so much!!


When the amount of money started with a “B”, it was out of my league!


well fortunately they aren’t asking for 12 Billion dollars, but are looking to refinance equity for around $700 Million dollars. If anyone can help me out or at least point me in the right direction that would be great! Thanks


In actuality, $700M = $0.7 billion…what’s a few hundred million between friends?

Still way too rich for my blood!


lol i totally understand! I just wanted to put this out there!

Someone here might answer…we’ve got all kinds here!


What is the money for? Use of proceeds.How strong is the principals financials? Do they have collateral to back up the loan? Is this company private or public. Can they pledge their company stocks? With the right numbers and security that the loan will be paid off with interest , I do not see why a bank will not do. Need more information. These are what BIG banks ,Wall Street investors and insurance companies will want to know. Nothing is impossible! If they are not solid, move on. Hell will freeze over before they get the loan. This task could take a year to close. With the right information, in the right hand and who you know, this is possible.

The name is dariuce and i believe i can help you with the small problem. I have a list of investors who would be able to give you a quote for the note . I just going to need a couple of facts in order to help you.

This is a very large asset and needs to be exposed at an appropriate venue.

How about placing a quarter page ad in the Wall Street Journal?

Maybe Donald Trump will see it!

I don’t believe Donald reads these boards…


I can do it. I have a a guy, that do over 750 million.If you need it I can ask him to take a look. They are with the MGM group. If this Neveda is a casino. They build casino for a living. I know of an investor that has shares in GM Motor, is worth 3 billion. If you need this done, these guys will what a complete package. To raise a pen, my friend father is 50,000 a retainer. Let me know what you decide. If not a complete package, I am not going to bother to waste their time or me. If you do not know what is needed, you know to pm me.

There was a company that specializes in really big loans, if I can find a link I will forward it.

I also have another note going for $955,000 and its a business note and I don’t know how to go about finding investors who would want to buy this? If anyone has any ideas please help!! thanks

Sounds like you are a note broker 82. Correct?


I invest and broker, I do both…just getting started though, only been at things for about 8 almost 9 months now.