Cash or Credit

What would anyone suggest how to invest with no cash and has no credit… Because i hear u need one or both to invest and actually make good money if i heard wrong do you have any suggestions… Or any courses i should be reading…

You should consider wholesaling property.

Jeff Knize,CRA,ICAP member


Either would help. Both would be better. Still, if you truly want to be a RE investor, then it can be done (as it has so many times before). You simply have to think outside the box a bit more than some.

There are ways for you personally to buy and sell properties with little to no money out of your pocket and no credit (or bad credit). A simple solution would be to use a hard money lender.

Also, if you know how to find, and close, the deals, there are many, many potential investors that don’t, but they have the money and/or the credit. A partnership would work.

As to books/courses, take your pick. You’ll find about 1000 “how to invest with no money/no credit” if you just do a search or simply look through the product catalog to your left right here on REIclub.


thanks for your advice… And giving me confidence to do it i have read a couple books i am going to pick up some more…

You can buy houses with no money and no credit for sure. Not that you want to hear this but I suggest you use your energy to fix the credit.

So many more opportunites become available when you have good credit.

It would be nice to take the ‘shortcut’ and bypass what you need to do anyway. The downside is that attempting to do this with poor credit may ultimately discourage you from being an investor.

So, I say walk before you run. It’s not gutsy but it’s effective.