Cash flow properties anyone?

There are 5 hotest cash flow markets in US
one is Atlanta,
Central Florida is two,…
Do you know any?
I am from Sacramento, and it RE is atomic 30% appreciation
or it was
I am planning to move were the cheese is
any suggestions?

Indianapolis is red hot right now…

There are positive cash flow properties available here…

I am seeing a lot of California and Florida investors moving money and doing 1031 exchanges here…

Send me an e-mail for more information…

Thank you all for the responses, I am replying to them as quickly as I can…You guys are quick!!! LOL

I hope I am within the rules here…

This is for all of you Marshall Reddick fans out there:

For example there are some great townhomes and patio homes that are perfect for out of state investors. Brand new construction.

They run about $146,500 and should easily rent in the $1200 to $1250 range.

They are 3 bedroom (or 2 bedroom with den) and are around 1400 to 1700 SF with a two car garage.

There are also 3 new construction single family homes that are 3 bedroom 2.5 bath that are $129,900. They should also rent for $1200.

Also if you are interested in HUD homes in Indiana, I can help you out there as well…Monday evenings are when the investors can bid…

You know what to do if you have any questions…

Also, I will start a weekly e-mail list of properties if anyone wants to sign up…

Thank you,

What about Ohio. I heard there were some good deals there.

The deals are everywhere it is all in the Marketing and what you are looking to do… I did a challenge in Gulf Shores Alabama last year where I was told there were NO deals found 13 in a week! It is not the market it is the marketing!!!


harrison21…what about NJ…can you help me out


you are simply amazing!!!


OHIO has great deals! I’m working with a 1031 client and we are looking at properties with 12% CAP rates and ROI’s up 2 30% in some cases. 8)

i like salt lake city.
you can buy new homes for 200k that rent for 1200.
the property tax is only 0.7% so that helps the cashflow.

let me know if you want to get hooked up with my team out there.