Cash Flow is king!!

In today’s unsettled world and real estate sitting their as one of the best investments to buy in our time… right now. What strategies are you implementing to create the best cash flow options?

I’d love to hear or be directed to information related to cash flow. As we all know in real estate, cash flow is king.


I agree that cash flow is king. I’ve found that even when payments were higher than rents using a lease option could make it a positive proposition. The reason was the lease payment were usually higher than market and you could get an upfront option fee that could be amortised over the option period making the monthly income positive. Another good thing about L/O is that tenant buyer normally takes care of all the small repairs up to $200 or so. As a bonus the selling price is usually higher than market also. Less than 50% of L/O buyers exercise their options so if you have a good on just keep extending their option period for higher sales price. See my blog link below for more info on L/O. Holler if you have questions.
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