Cash flow good, "comp value" kinda eh. Thoughts on this prop?

Hi all, im considering an investment property(currently own 3 props, 2 rentals w/ one that i am managing 1 myself and one managed by my mother). I’d love to have your thoughts on these numbers.

There is a 3-unit prop I am considering. It could be done for 200k+closing costs. It is currently generating about $2400/month. Cash flow wise, this actually is a decent deal for the location; there are not many multi-units available in the neighborhood, and to cash flow ~2400 it would take roughly 2x single family homes that list right now for around 130k-190k.

My reservation about it is that the comps SOLD are tough to read. Basically, the 2004-2006 sales were 130k and 145k. Then there’s one summer 2007 “anomaly” that sold for 238k(peak of the bubble); i dont consider this valid, as it was at THE most inflated period of recent R.E. history. So as a standalone property, it seems potentially overvalued.
However, as an investment, it would generate around 14%, which is pretty good from my perspective.

What do you guys think? I have thoroughly searched the area, and while there are multi’s around, this one suits my needs best and really doesnt have a good viable alternative. I wouldnt be overextending myself on it, financially.

So, my option are: take what MIGHT be a bit of a hit in the value dept in exchange for good cash flow? Or potentially hold out for several individual props and hope they are close together? Basically, as a long term investment, it still looks good, but as an individual transaction, the prop is not exactly a “steal”.Thanks for your opinions.

There are a lot of deals out there. You must not only have great cash flow but tremendous equity that way you have multiple exits and you can really mitigate risk. At the same time you have a strong return, the best of both.

I fear that you are settling for just your area. If you look at other markets you can find 4K/month rents or sometimes more for 200K. You might want to consider buying out of your area as you can easily pay for management, make a heck of a lot more and have strong equity.