Has anyone attended a 3 day training workshop by a company called Cash Flow Generator? This company travels to cities and offer 3 day classroom training on… How to borrow money for real estate investments, rehabbing, foreclosures, buying wholesales and more.

The Cash Flow Generator academy is asking for $495 for the 3 days of classroom training (8 hours per day). Training materials (workbook, CDs etc.) are included in the cost. No touring of properties will be provided. There are so many RE training programs and guru’s out there. I have no idea which RE program provides the best training materials. I’m brand new at this and don’t want to get ripped off. I appreciate any comments/feedback on the Cash Flow Generator Academy ( ). Thanks

Have seen the two guys in the picture before! Have not seen or heard about this course! Then again I never go to them! If you want to learn bird doggin go look at $cash$ he has a great bird doggin course just click on the top when you see his name I think that $495 is probably a get you in the door price! Then its probably more $$$ I do not know that for sure There are some great reads out there! That would cost you less so its up to you! Its only 500 bucks what do you have to loose! its totaly your call!

Yes I agree… I’m sure the $495 is the get-ya-in the door price. They also offer mentoring programs which cost big bucks $$$$. I’ll just purchase my RE study materials with caution and utilize my local library at no cost until I’m up to speed on REI.

There are so many guru’s offering products… it’s hard to tell who is full of BS when you’re a beginner at REI. I’ll continue to do my homework before I invest in any REI products. Thanks a lot !!!