Cash Flow Game by Robert Kiyosaki

Has anyone played this game. I have talked to a few people that say it is cool but i wanted a few more opinions before I spend the money.
Thanks :biggrin:


It has good concepts, If you put them to use it is worth many times the amount spent. If you just want a good board game, buy monopoly. :wink:

I bought mine on ebay intending to just resell it after playing it awhile, but figured it was worth keeping around for my kids in a few years. If they get it even a little, it will be worth the money.

Education put to use is priceless, education that sits idle costly.


As far as Cashflow 101 … The price tag is a little steep, IMHO, but it is a good game to get you thinking more about assets/liabilities than just income/expenses. Once you’ve played it a few times, you start to see things in a whole new light. I have the computer game, but would recommend the board game as it is more flexible in terms of how you can play. The computer game doesn’t let you modify any parameters (other than a few), and you can’t add your own cards or edit anything else to allow for more flexibility (which is my #1 pet peeve). All-in-all, though, it’s not a bad game to get newbies thinking in financial terms.

I think it is a terrific game if you learn the concepts. It is good at teaching how to use a balance sheet, asset statements, etc.

We like to play by pulling out all of the non-real estate deal and market cards. We also tend to add new things to the game, like market changes, etc.

One thing I can recommend is to no just use paper and pencil, have the asset sheets laminated and use wax pens or markers so you can re-use the sheets over and over.

Anyone in Chicago looking to play, feel free to join us this Thursday night in Orland Park.

Thanks for the reply’s. I think it would be a great game to have around. And it will be fun to have some of my investor friends over on the weekend to have a few drinks a talk my favorite talk…Real Estate! Or should I say " Pas" Property Acquisition Syndrom
I have it and can’t shake it! :razz:

Played 1 and 2 of the cashflow games years ago. We still have them. I liked #1 better because it seemed tougher. #2 was ok if you’re not familiar with stock options and other investment techniques. I found that the second one was easier because I just used options and hedges all of the time.

I liked playing the game because you can really see people’s personalities come out. I found out that I’m willing to take calculated risks while my friends were pretty conservative. It’s fun watching the different strategies win big, lose big, or slowly gain. I took some huge risks and lost my shirt. A few times, it was great when my more risky ventures paid off and I quickly won the entire game.

I recommend playing 101 with kids, friends, and family members. I have to warn that the game takes hours. It’s probably takes just as long as monopoly.

I hope it works I have been playing it in real life now for to long! LOL

We can get a game done in 2 hours. Remember the game is to force you to think differently. Think BIG. Partner on some deals and you will get out of the rat race that much quicker.

Remember, some of all is better than ALL of NONE!