cash flow analysis

does anybody have a cash flow analysis form they could send me? or know where i may get one for myself?
im learning the business, and need something i can go by.

Howdy Rick:

Less expenses
Equals profit

Why complicate the above formula. It works for all business, high tech computers to space crafts to a single family house to all of Trump’s empire.

Just use an excel spreadsheet to keep track.


When I get nervous about cash reserves I’ll calculate my cash flow. It’s really simple. Start with your net cash on hand, and call it month zero. (Whether you want to include lines of credit as “cash on hand” is up to you.) Project your expenses for the next month (month 1). Subtract this from your net cash. Add any income you expect to receive during the next month. Total that and you have your cash reserves at the end of month one. Take that number and do the same for month 2. In the dot-com boom, people referred to your monthly net loss as your ‘burn-rate’. I like to think of it as the time I have until I get a real job again. So far, so good. :smiley:

You can keep projecting your cash-flow for as long as you want; but the farther you get out, the less reliable it will be. (E.g., can you really anticipate your wife getting pregnant 6 months from now? How much is that going to cost? Just kidding, but you get the idea.)

I usually do this on paper. I’ve never bothered trying to set-up a spreadsheet for it, because I only do it a couple times a year.

Go to Microsoft:
They’ve got all kinds of templates for all uses there.

That will give you a starting place, and then tailor it to your specific needs.

Good Luck!

You may not need to look any further than the Investor Resources section on this site. Click the “Free Real Estate Forms” link and download the Cash Flow Analysis Spreadsheet.

See if this is what you are looking for.

dave t
ok first, thank you and the others for the replies. i went to the free forms as suggested. i downloaded it. but could not open it. my computer would not let me. i do have adobe reader too. now what ? what im looking for actually is a form that some people have spoken of that they use to fill out and see if a property is gonna have a monthly positive cash flow or not. another reply suggested a microsoft site. lots of goodies there, but i didnt see what i was looking for. but like i said, there were tons of goodies there for those interested. its worth a look. see above reply for details and location.

The Cash Flow Analysis link in the Free Real Estate Forms group is a MicroSoft Excel Spreadsheet. Just left click the link and it opens in Excel. Select “File - Save As” to save the spreadsheet on your computer.

Or, right click the link and select “Save Target As” to designate the location where you want the spreadsheet saved.

I don’t understand why you are having a problem. Do you have Excel on your system?