Cash buyers....

:banana - Is there a place where I can buy a cash buyers list for my state or county , some investors have told me about Landmark Real Estate Rapid cash buyers system that it works for them … They just paid $100 dollars for the month and they supply you with the cash buyers in your county for a month …Has anyone used it before …Please let me know, I am thinking about trying it out to see if it works. :banghead

Cash buyers can also save on closing costs. You don’t have to fork over money to pay a bank attorney for the mortgage. This is an expense that can run $750 and up (although it can be wise to retain your own lawyer). You don’t have to put real estate taxes in escrow up front nor pay the estimated $300 to $600 for a mortgage application plus additional thousands in loan origination fees and assorted junk charges. And you aren’t required to cough up $400 to $600 for an appraisal, which mortgage lenders insist upon, or, in a growing number of cases, multiple appraisals. (The ­multiple appraisal requirement is popping up in foreclosure-riddled areas where nondistressed homes have few sales to be compared against.)

I found some cash buyers from my county tax assessor’s database. I had a farm area. I looked at homes that sold more than once in the last 12 months. If a non-institutional purchaser bought and sold a house for a large profit within a few months, that purchaser was probably a rehabber. Get their name and do an Internet and off line search for a way to contact them. When you do contact them, ask them if they would be interested in other properties similar to what they recently bought.

I also have added cash buyers from ads I’m running on Craigslist, which say I can find their next investment property.

If you have access to the MLS you can pull cash buyers in your area. For the MLS in my area it is not easy put I have my admin do it for me. You need to go through each house and see if they transaction type was cash.

I purchase my buyer’s list from Listsource. Usually, I purchase the whole entire list for my city. I do a search for absentee owners who bought a similar property to what I have within the last six months. It will include buyers that bought a property with cash, loans…that’s not to say that the people who bought houses through loans can’t buy multiple properties because I have ran into buyers that obtain mortgages for properties and they are fixing and refinancing them.

If you don’t want to buy such a long list just yet, you can do your search using the zip code or the Map search. Just make sure that you look up the absentee owners who bought houses more recently, preferably from 30days to 6 months.

Since I’m a NC R.E. Broker I pull cash buyers from the MLS and I also search the public database for them, which takes a lot of time but thats how I find them.

I dont understand why people would rather buy a list that is so easy to build on your own. Plus person to person is better than dealing with folks that have no idea that you have their info. To each its own i guess. The same cost to buy a list that may not be targeted, can be the same price you pay for blank sings to place around your city looking for buyers. Its quite simple. :bobble

Can’t tell you if that system has actually worked. I’m located in Tampa, Fl. and I have never heard of it before. I will give you some tips and pointers on how to find cash buyers. Depending on where you are from you can go down to the county courthouse where the foreclosure auctions take place. Here in tampa they have them twice a day. At the foreclosure auctions you will have tons of buyers that have cash on hand to purchase. Take business cards and introduce yourself to these buyers as a wholesale investor who has great deals anywhere from 60-90% of what the market value is. Do you mind if I was to add you to my VIP Buyers list and exchange business cards.

Another way is to put out at least 100 bandit signs in an area that you have farmed. On the signs it can we say we buy ugly houses, we buy houses, we buy distressed properties so forth and so on. For rent signs you see on the side of the street, get those numbers because those are landlords and they have cash to buy…Those are just a couple ways to get you going. There are literally hundreds of low cost effective ways to build your buyers list. Hope this helps. To your success from Mrflippahouse