I want to give cash back at closing to the buyer to get the properties sold at full marlet. EXAMPLE: If there is $40,000 left in equity after eveything is paid, including paying the seller.Then myself and the buyer will split the remainder 60/40. I make $24,000 and the buyer gets paid after closing $16,000. What do you think!

This beats doing short sales! Short Sales are a drag and then, there is no guarantee that it will close. Short Sales will have you tied up for months.

Any thoughts on this?

If it’s an all-cash deal, no problem…if there is a lender involved, problem.

If the lender knows exactly what you’re doing, it is not a problem…if not it may be loan fraud.


Why would it be loan fraud? The lender is being paid off in full!
Can you please explain it to me becuase, I do not want to be commiting loan fraud!

  1. iam wondering is there any seller financie in this deal ?? AS this could make it a differant kind of deal as well

There is no seller financing!

If the deal is not financed by the seller then it is cash or lender financed, right. Cash deal no problem you do with the proceeds as necessary, if financed by a new lender then you better tell them where the proceeds are going. If you hide details in your new loan application that is mortgage fraud, a federal crime.