I am just curious. I need to carpet a house . The cost that I got was $9 a sq yard + $10 sq yrd for installation. Does that sound about right.

What is the carpet made of? Does it have a silver lining?

I think you can do a lot better than that. HD or Lowes can beat those prices.

for reasonable quality, yes that right about on the money unless you are in a low-cost area. Also, if it empty (or nearly so) ask for a discount becuase “std” installation include furniture movement. Most co. I have dealt with will cut you $1-2/yd discount as it saves them time and hassle.

Like many things, try and get a referral.I don’t do HD or Lowes as their pricing is similar and if you have a problem HD/Lowes can be (not always)more of hinderance than a help to get the problem solved. With that said, I would go with them vs. blindly picking people out of the yellow pages.

I don’t personally use HD or Lowes for carpeting myself I use a local place but I am able to get mine at $12 to $15 a sq yrd installed. It’s a plush carpet with a good heavy pading.

Where are you two located that $19 a sq yrd installed is a good price?