carpet ?

I have an early 1900’s duplex that I’m removing the hardwood floors from. Below the hardwoods is the wood plank sub floor so my question is do I need to put some luan or osb down over that sub floor before carpeting? It’s in good shape and I’ve screwed any loose spots down and I don’t see any reason why I couldn’t just looking for some opionions.



sounds like you’re ready for carpet…no luan needed

Why not just carpet over the hardwood? Is it rotted? Why the extra expense to remove it?

Why remove the hardwood?

The smell of cat feces and urine. The more floor I remove the less the smell. These tenants also decided they wanted to have the carpets cleaned one day so they hooked up the hose and sprayed it on the carpets and sqeegeed (sp?) the water up. So the hardwoods in the bedrooms were pretty bad anyways.

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Makes sense. Was hoping to save you a few bucks but it looks like you can thank your tenants for making that hard.

Obviously you know better because you can see the floors, but I’d try hard to save them.

I had the same problem with urine (hopefully from the pets) staining the hardwoods in a house that I’m renovating. I found a guy who will sand, stain, and put two coats of polyurethane for $1.20 per square foot, which is not much more than I’d pay for carpeting.