carpet or laminate for rentals?

We were thinking of putting laminate floors in rentals, since repair on the non glue type laminate is fairly easy. Plus there would probably not be a need to replace the floor as often as carpeting. Or are we missing something?

Any thoughts on this?

As a renter, I would be completely turned off if there was laminate everywhere…I concur with laminate in the baths, the kitchen, and maybe the dining area (if it were continuous with the kitchen)…

My opinion.


That’s funny, because I don’t like carpeting. :smiley: I like area rugs, but as a home owner - I love the ease of cleaning on laminate/tile floors.

Dollar for dollar, you’re better off with carpet, IMO. Even with the thicker, upgraded padding I like to use, it’s about the same $$ and commands a higher rent. Ceramic tile is now a very inexpensive option i like to use.

I once saw a house that had the most beautiful floor I’d ever seen (I see lots of houses) When asking the owner where he found those gorgeous 3x3 marbleized tiles his response was “that’s my slab” :o
I was blown away! He used acid stain. 1 gallon for $60 covers 400sqt. He applied it using a cheap garden spray pump (the acid comes in various colors) let it set for 24 hrs, then neutralized the acid by mopping with Arm&hammer baking soda + water. Let dry.
Then he used 4 blades (for width) on the grinder which he mounted on a piece of wood with skateboard wheels and using a laser level to keep a straight line while cutting his desired design into the slab. The finishing touch was glocoat, 2 coats, buff when dry. The natural hairline cracks in the slab gave it the marble look.
I first thought he spent a fortune just on the floor when in fact it was the cheapest way to go.

Laminate is certainly a durable choice. Over the long haul it will probably save you money.

Be careful with acid staining concrete. Your slabs age has a lot to do with how well it takes the stain.

Have you tried the acid staining yourself before?? If so, tell me about your experience. I would like to give it a shot in my utility room. If you have any advice on what to look out for before I tear up the laminate, I’d appreciate it.

I did a pool deck. It came out great! However, my slab is about 30 years old, and from what I read it would probably take a resurface for the acid stain to be effective. Also keep in mind that a concrete stain can require fairly regular waxing.
There is a lot of great info here
Good Luck!

we try to stay away from capet in rentals
holds odor & dirt
use ceramic when possible (cheaper & tougher than lami nate) & throw down remnants for area rugs
most people like it & so much cleaner
put 900 sq ft of ceramic in our Mfg. home some years ago
looked great

Thanks for the info!

Think I’ll practice in the garage before I tear up my house. :-
Who knows,…if it looks good, then I may have to send hubby away on a poker run long enough to insulate and panel the walls and bring in a pool table and wet bar ;D.
Yep, the laminate floor in utility can stay for a while. You’ve just made up my mind!