carpet or hardwood

I just purchased a hud home and its hard wood throughout the house, i recently got the downstairs sanded, my question is should i sand the bedrooms or put carpet in the bedrooms…i plan on living here for about a year or so then i want to sell.but i want to add as much value to the property as i can…any input will be grateful

Thank you

I have done properties with hard wood and some with carpet. As far as adding value to the house neither one really stood out. Sanding the floor, restaining it, and then sealing it = lot’s of work. Carpet = lots of work for somebody else. Hardwood floors are cheaper than carpet too. It depends on what you want to do.

It depends on personal preference. Some people will like it some won’t. Carpet is probably your safest bet. Personally, I love hardwood floors but not in the living room or bedrooms. I would rather have it in the dining area, kitchen, or halls.