Carpet or Hardwood

Just taking an informal poll.

Carpet or Hardwood?

We have a 1950’s house and need to decide on carpet or hardwood. We are going to carpet 2 bedrooms and leave the third with hardwood.

We are trying to decide on the living room and hall. Anyone have any opinion on what would bring a faster sale? I know there are a lot of additional factors, but just looking to see the opinion of those with experience.

The hardwood is in real good shape except for 2 areas where there was some water (1 from a plant, 1 from a leak). The discoloration is minimal. It is typical 1950’s stuff. 2" oak.



In my opinion the hardwood floors would help the sale. as far as the bad spots go replacing the boards are not that hard to do. i just repaired hardwood floors in my house and had to fill in the were the old A/C Vents were (moved the hvac to attic) and in a bad spots were the carpet stretcher dug into them. I paid $1.62/sq ft for unfinished white oak 2 1/4" tongue and groove boards at a local hardware store. took out the damaged boards and it turned out great. All in all i paid less per sq ft than i would have for a cheap carpet.

I vote hardwood in the living room and hallways. Carpet in bedrooms.

carpet up, hardwood down or rather hardwood main rooms, carpet bedroomsx

I just got an offer on 1950’s a 1,000 square ft ranch and it had carpet over the 2" oak. The carpet was in decent shape so I took out a section of the carpet in the dining room to show that under the carpet there were oak floors. It cost about $100 to refinish the small section of the floor. I think I could have done 75% of the house in oak for about 3 days work and $200. The kitchen and bathroom had good tile. Carpet would have cost about $3K with installation.

I like the wood.


for selling all hardwood but have them put in great condition so spend a little.
Hardwood is considered an upgrade so a waste hide it.

Buyers that want carpet will know it does not cost that much to carpet and they can afford it and still like the option of knowing hardwood is under if they change mind later.

Buyer that want hardwood know it is expensive and may not be able to afford it.

Thanks a lot everyone. You have all been a big help. We are going to leave the hardwood in the living room and hall and go with carpet in the bedrooms.

There were a couple of people that said they would prefer carpet (both men in their mid 30’s). If someone that fits the mold comes in to see the place, I will offer carpet as an incentive with the right offer.